Manual lymph drainage (MLD)* relaxes and invigorates the lymphatic system, encourages improved lymph flow, and – in cases where the lymphatic system has been damaged – redirects flow to other channels.

When the lymphatic processes become impaired, significant problems can develop, including toxin and fibrotic tissue build-up, edema, and fluid retention.

MLD is valuable in pre- and post-operative situations, and is used primarily to treat

  • burns
  • fluid retention in joints and tissues
  • lymph node removal
  • lymphedema
  • venous insufficiency
  • edema
It also has been proven effective therapy for
  • acne
  • allergies
  • chronic fatigue
  • chronic mastitis
  • chronic sinusitis
  • cosmetic surgery
  • migraine headaches
  • scar tissue
  • stress and anxiety
  • whiplash
MLD is a gentle, soothing, medical massage therapy that leaves you feeling pleasantly relaxed and pampered. It is specifically recommended for some weight loss programs such as the Fat Flush diet; and I believe it greatly enhances the effects of the cellulite reduction protocol I use (Lypossage).

Manual lymphatic drainage is a demanding protocol to master. Dr. Vodder certification requires a minimum of 160 hours of lymph drainage training in the classroom, followed by an exacting examination process. Recertification training sessions are required biannually.

If you suspect that lymph drainage may benefit you, it is well worth your time to research the qualifications of your therapist.

* MLD is a registered trademark of the North American Vodder Association of Lymphatic Therapy (NAVALT)

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